Sunday, October 21, 2012

Adorable Fab Twins

Sometimes it's hard to distinguish between identical twins who's who especially if you seldom see them. But of course,their parents knew well who's this and that even eyes closed (",). Our Star Models for today are two pretty and healthy-looking twins, Annika and Maika Evangelista.

Shoes: Pink Boots at Sugar Babies

Hair accessories: her mother Ann made it

Dress: Bonnie Baby

Shoes: Sugar Kids

About the Star Models:

Annika and Maika, born July 10, 2010, these cute little girls both love to dress up, play outdoors and eat their Mom's special spaghetti. Annika likes singing ABC's and nursery rhymes while Maika prefers to dance and jumps a lot. Annika plays with her dolls and likes princesses while Maika would play with Thor, Ironman and other action figures. Huh! tough one there. LOL Annika minds getting dirty when eating ice cream while Maika would just go with the flow and doesn't mind spills at all. Though they both have their own personalities, the twins do have something in common too. They love watching Dora, sing with Elmo , Barney and Pooh. At an early age, they were already potty trained and have been drinking their milk in glasses. These twins knew already how to use the 5 magic words Please, Thank you, Welcome, Sorry and Excuse me.  Thumbs up for Mommy Ann! Yahoo! Oh, and one more thing they have in common is they won't sleep without their fave toys, for Annika her plush dog she calls Doggy and for Maika her Sheepy, Pooh and Teddy huggables.


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