Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fab Kids - Jumpsuits at Gingersnaps

First posting. Yahoo!

A brief explanation for this blog site. This is a family thing. Your kids could be here. You could be here. Your whole family could be here.

We are on Pinterest, Facebook and also on Lookbook ( but you can't see your photos there, just read it, it's limited to the owner only) Sorry.

All postings here can be seen for public viewing, to like and share. So please spread the word and we'll get to the next level soon. (giveaway and freebies)

I would like to share this look for your little girls ages 3 to 6.

Brand: Gingersnaps
Branch: SM Megamall
Jumpsuit Floral Green

Brand: Gingersnaps
Branch: SM Megamall
Jumpsuit Plain Blue

Jumpsuit:  Gingersnaps Floral Blue
Size 6 (Available sizes: 4-8)
Shoes: Hello Kitty White Sandals
Available at SM Department Stores

If you wish to order online with less stress and less hassles. Drop by at

About the Star Model:

Marishka Tatiana , 5 years old. Loves to sing and dance. Loves posing in front of the camera. Has a great talent in drawing... cartoon characters. Currently studying Kinder 1 at Calvary Christian School

Would love you to become a part of us.

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